Heal Your Hormones BootcampIf you’ve been biohacking any length of time, you know that unraveling complex issues like PCOS, weight gain, hashimotos, fibromyalgia, depression, estrogen dominance, low libido, fatigue, poor sleep and more can get pretty overwhelming. Hormones play a role in all of these issues, yet understanding yours and how to fix them can seem like a herculean task.

Your hormones control the quality of your life.

  • Are you easily frustrated, agitated or anxious?
  • Do you fly off the handle easily?
  • Do you sometimes feel unusually monastic, like you don’t want to socialize or interact with others?
  • Do your relationships sometimes suffer because you just don’t have the patience to talk things through?
  • Are you haunted by brain fog?
  • Do you have difficulty losing weight or recovering after exercise?

Dr. Tim Jackson, DPT is going to take us through his well-respected protocol for biohacking and healing complex hormonal issues. You might know Dr. Jackson as a popular expert in the Paleo community and one of the highly-regarded contributors to MTHFRsupport.com.  Dr. Jackson received his undergraduate degree in Health science and chemistry from Wake Forest University in 2003. He completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from the Medical University of SC in 2009. He specializes in nutritional biochemistry, digestive health and its systemic effects, as well as functional endocrinology.

This five-week bootcamp is going to offer a roadmap for us to follow that includes running the right tests, understanding your lab results and tackling the challenges they reveal IN THE RIGHT ORDER to heal your hormones and enjoy all the benefits that come from a body that’s functioning optimally:

  • Fantastic sleep
  • Youthful energy
  • Great hair and skin
  • A healthy sex drive
  • Clear thinking
  • A good mood
  • Patience and endurance
  • Healthy body composition
  • Fertility
  • and so much more!

In this 5-week webinar, we are going to dissect the protocol you need to more fully diagnose and treat your hormone issues.  We’ll discuss:


One of the most significant conditions we must understand as it relates to healthy hormone levels is cortisol. High cortisol, in particular, is not only indicative of a stressful external environment, but it’s also an indicator that your internal environment is likely stressed. It’s very important to understand how high cortisol results from serious immune-system challenges (that you likely don’t even know you have!), how you can test to uncover those stressors and exactly what you should do to begin to bring your cortisol levels back into balance once you’ve gotten your test results.

And this is just the beginning.

The Importance of Thyroid

When discussing the thyroid, it’s important to understand how immune system challenges directly affect the thyroid’s ability to function properly, how gut and liver health affect your body’s ability to convert T4 to T3, and even how a low sex drive may be directly connected to your thyroid.  We’ll discuss the thyroid’s relationship to estrogen dominance, and this is a biggie:  we know that an upside down Pg:E2 ratio will adversely affect our health, but many haven’t fully connected the dots around the thyroid’s role in determining this ratio.  It’s important to know and we’re going to help you understand it.

Optimizing the thyroid is a crucial precursor to healing your hormones.  After you’ve optimized your thyroid, you’ll see an overall improvement in ALL your hormone health.

Hormones and Sleep

And, of course, we know that sleep plays a HUGE role in creating optimal health.  We’re going to dive into DHEA, pregnenalone and progesterone, the hormones that rest at the top of the cascade that affects all your sex hormones. We’ll discuss how these hormones convert to our other sex hormones, how to raise them or supplement properly to optimize them after you’ve optimized cortisol and your thyroid, and how dysfunction with these hormones determine if a body is in an anabolic or catabolic state.  We’ll also learn how these hormones tie into sleep and share some strategies you might implement to start improving these hormones and sleep right away.

Estrogen & Testosterone

We’ll finish off the bootcamp with Estrogen & Testosterone.  We’ll discuss the role of sex hormone binding globuline and the liver’s role in making you estrogen dominant, how testosterone affects the Kreb’s cycle, how estrogen dominance in men is the real culprit for the “rageful man,” and how insulin resistance affects the testosterone-to-estrogen conversion.  We’ll also discuss how mold toxicity or infection can cause testosterone supplementation to make your testosterone issues WORSE, and how EMF affects all of your hormones, especially testosterone.

And we’ll wrap up with estrogen:  how E1 and E2 promote cancer for women with a family history of breast cancer, how E3 can reduce cancer cells (and how it should be supplemented in the BHRT regimen of high-risk women), how estrogen dominance may make the thyroid inefficient, how leaky gut affects the metabolizing of estrogen, and so much more.

**All live calls are on Tuesdays at 7 pm CT; replays are Sundays at 6 pm CT.**

Week 1: Cortisol

Tuesday, Nov. 12

  • What is cortisol and how does it work to reduce inflammation?
  • How is cortisol stimulated?
  • How does cortisol affect our sex hormone levels and lead to insulin resistance?
  • What happens to our body when cortisol is elevated, and what key lifestyle changes help with cortisol levels?
  • What do high cortisol levels tell us about your immune system, and why does this matter?
  • How does high cortisol relate to leaky gut, heavy periods, difficulty losing weight, fatigue, lack of drive and concentration, and other symptoms?

Week 2: Thyroid

Tuesday, Nov. 19

  • What are T-3 and T-4, and how does cortisol play a role in conversion?
  • How do immune system problems cause thyroid issues?
  • How does progesterone help optimize thyroid?
  • How does thyroid affect fertility?

Week 3: DHEA, Pregnenolone & Progesterone

Tuesday, Dec. 3

  • How DHEA lowers cholesterol and leads to improved immune system and gut health
  • Symptoms of low DHEA and how to raise levels by keeping a gratitude journal
  • The importance of pregnenolone in controlling inflammation
  • Symptoms of low pregnenolone
  • How the body converts pregnenolone to progesterone and then into cortisol when inflammation levels are high (pregnenolone steal)

Week 4: Testosterone

Tuesday, Dec. 10

  • Symptoms of low testosterone
  • How to balance testosterone and estrogen
  • What steps men on testosterone must take to keep their testicles working optimally
  • The negative effects EMF has on testosterone

Week 5: Estrogen

Tuesday, Dec. 17

  • The three different types of estrogen and the role they play in cancer
  • How estrogen dominance makes the thyroid more inefficient
  • Symptoms of low estrogen levels

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