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12 Conditions for Optimal Health: What’s *really* making you sick (part 1)

You never get sick.  Ever!  You can’t even remember the last time you were sick with a cold or the flu.  Newsflash: That most likely is NOT a good thing!  Both an insufficient number of immune cells and/or ‘lazy’ immune cells may lead to your body’s inability to mount...

12 Conditions for Optimal Health: What’s *really* making you sick (part 2)

9KWGHKN5M2EQ As I stated in the first blog of this series, strengthening your immune system can be quite a task, considering most of us are overloaded with internal and external stressors, exposure to chemical toxins and a slew of other conditions that weaken our...

Deconstructing Sleep

You’ve been lying down for almost an hour, yet your mind keeps racing. Did I finish everything I was supposed to do today, you ask? Am I prepared for the tasks of tomorrow? Man, do I know the feeling. Sleep deprivation is a horrible thing. I’ve had it numerous times...

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If you’ve been biohacking any length of time, you know that unraveling complex issues like PCOS, weight gain, hashimotos, fibromyalgia, depression, estrogen dominance, low libido, fatigue, poor sleep and more can get pretty overwhelming. Hormones play a role in all of...

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Internal Stressors with Dr. Tim Jackson: Zeroing in on the Root Causes of Leaky Gut, Thyroid Issues, Adrenal Fatigue…


Achieving Optimal: Dr. Tim Jackson on Healing Your Hormones

October 24, 2013 JackKruse.com

Who is Dr. Tim Jackson?

Dr. Tim’s story, in his own words

Thanks for stopping by HealYourBody.org! This site, for me, represents the beginning of my life’s work and is the culmination of a journey I started nearly 15 years ago as a pre-med student interested understanding how to truly heal the body. I finished undergrad at Wake Forest University as a Health Science & Chemistry major with every intention of going to medical school for my MD. I somehow got into strength training and nutrition during undergrad and became interested in what would later become known as “functional medicine.” I was burning the candle at both ends, working several part time jobs and keeping a perfect GPA, and I really got sick. I was dealing with a lot of symptoms that had me concerned: fatigue, insomnia, joint pain, decreased libido, inability to recover from exercise, constipation and frequent stomach pain. I spent the last two years of undergrad trying to find someone to help me. My parents relied on mainstream medicine when I was a kid, and I was prescribed antiobiotics like it was candy…Read More

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