Your 100 Year Heart with Dr. Jack Wolfson, D.O.

Your 100 Year Heart with Dr. Jack Wolfson, D.O.

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Dr. Jack Wolfson, D.O. joins Dr. Tim to discuss ways to achieve a 100 Year Heart. He talks about his transition from traditional cardiology to functional medicine and cardiology and what sparked the transition. He discusses:

1) Optimal Nutrition for Heart Health

2) Optimal Lifestyle for Heart Health

3) Optimal Emotions for Heart Health

4) Best tests for Test, Don’t Guess

5) Evidence-based supplements for heart health

Listen in to learn how to optimize your cardiovascular health and minimize your risk of heart issues.


Some highlights from this episode:

    • What type of nutrition plan works best for cardiovascular health?
    • How do your thoughts influence your heart health?
    • What tests should be used besides an EKG?
    • What are the most important supplements for optimal cardiovascular health?
    • What role does sleep play in your risk of a heart attack or a stroke?


Connect with guest:

Cardiologist and founder of Natural Heart Doctor. After 10 years as a hospital based cardiologist, I started Natural Heart Doctor where people from all over the world can get the best holistic heart health information and care. Married to a DC. 4 beautiful children.



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Episode Transcript

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