Why Drinking Water without Electrolytes or Minerals Will Dehydrate You with Dr. Dana Cohen, M.D.

Dr. Dana Cohen, M.D

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Dr. Dana Cohen, M.D., joins Dr. Tim to discuss all things hydration–and how we’ve been doing it incorrectly. Dr. Cohen explains what must be done to water in order for it to quench our thirst. In addition, we discuss the differing nutritional requirements for competitive athletes versus weekend warriors. Hydration paves the way for healing–learn to do it right!


Some highlights from this episode:


    • Should you drink tap water?
    • How much water should you drink?
    • What physical signs can you look for to determine your hydration status?
    • What nutrients need to be added to water?
    • What is the best source for these nutrients? 


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Episode Transcript

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