The First Ladies of Biohacking: Unveiling the Most Innovative Health Practices with The Biohacker Babes

The First Ladies of Biohacking: Unveiling the Most Innovative Health Practices with The Biohacker Babes

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In this episode of the Boss Body Podcast, Dr. Tim Jackson interviews Lauren Sambataro and Renee Belz, known as the “first ladies of biohacking.” They discuss their upbringing with their father, Dr. Gene Sambataro, who introduced them to biohacking practices. The conversation explores their journey towards better nutrition and how their curiosity led them to become their own biohackers. They debunk myths about drinking water and electrolytes, emphasize the importance of sleep for metabolic health, and discuss the impact of nutrition on mental health. They also touch on the benefits of cold exposure and the importance of recovery and self-care. The episode ends with lighthearted banter and plans for a follow-up episode.


Episode highlights:


    • Upbringing and introduction to biohacking practices by their father
    • Journey towards better nutrition and becoming their own biohackers
    • Debunking misconceptions about drinking water and electrolytes
    • Importance of sleep optimization for metabolic health
    • Challenges posed by nutrition and the role of insulin in glucose metabolism
    • Use of tools like continuous glucose monitors and heart rate variability trackers
    • Benefits of cold showers and cold plunges for metabolic health and mental well-being
    • Importance of recovery, self-care, and plant medicine in optimizing health
    • Humorous conversation about being at the top of Google search and causing internet disruptions

Connect with guest:

Lauren and Renee grew up in a health-driven family that prioritized the fundamentals of wellness and self-care (don’t worry, there was lots of mac n’ cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!). Their father, Gene Sambataro, The Original Biohacker and pioneer of Holistic Dentistry, taught them the importance of individualization, curiosity, and experimentation from a very young age.


Coming together as health entrepreneurs, Renee, a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Holistic Lifestyle Coach with a Master’s degree in Nutrition, and Lauren, a Broadway performer,  CHEK Licensed Practitioner, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, feel a strong passion and drive to not only share each of their journeys towards wellness but their strategy and motivation to discover our unique bodies through the world of biohacking and Nof1 experimentation.


Their podcast, the Biohacker Babes, aims to create insight into the body’s natural healing abilities, strengthen your intuition,  and empower you with techniques and modalities to optimize your health and wellness.



Instagram: biohacker_babes


Episode Transcript

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All the best,

Dr. Tim Jackson