Metals and Minerals with Morley Robbins, M.B.A.

Metals and Minerals with Morley Robbins, M.B.A.

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This week we are sharing our MOST WATCHED podcast episode on YouTube with OVER 1,000 views! (Watch the YouTube video here: Dr. Tim Jackson and Morley Robbins discuss the importance of these minerals in the body. They explore the role of minerals as cofactors and the impact of stress on mineral balance. They also delve into the relationship between B vitamins and copper, debunk the misconception of copper toxicity, and highlight the role of copper in energy production. They discuss the effects of hyperglycemia on mineral regulation and the connection between cortisol and copper. The episode emphasizes the need to understand mineral interactions and address mineral imbalances for optimal health.


Episode highlights:

  • Importance of minerals, specifically magnesium, copper, and iron, in the body
  • Role of minerals as cofactors and the need to consider cofactors when taking mineral supplements
  • Relationship between B vitamins and copper, particularly folate, B12, B5, and B3
  • Misconception of copper toxicity and the importance of understanding copper dysregulation
  • Role of copper in energy production and activation of hormones
  • Impact of stress on copper bioavailability and the need to address mineral imbalances before considering copper supplementation
  • Connection between copper deficiency and iron accumulation in the liver
  • Importance of copper in redox regulation and oxygen utilization
  • Nourishing the adrenals with minerals and whole foods vitamin C
  • Importance of PAM enzyme and its relationship with copper, including ways to improve PAM enzyme function



Connect with guest:


Morley Robbins, a “retired” Hospital Executive (12 yrs) and healthcare consultant (20 yrs), chose to become a Wellness Coach in 2009. In the process, he has become a self-taught mineral expert. His highest purpose is to share this decade of daily scientific research on the profound metabolic interplay between 3 KEY minerals: Magnesium, Bioavailable Copper, and Iron. 


These mineral-driven metabolic concepts are not fully understood nor appreciated in practitioner circles and are certainly not in the public’s consciousness. 


He regularly confers with world-renowned mineral experts, in addition to his research, and focuses on continued research, writing, and educational conferences to promote his insights and findings. To that end, he manages two websites to provide mineral education: 


His priority focus is to master mineral metabolism and its foundational impact on our health.


There is a REASON for that priority focus…

Left unchecked, Copper<>Iron Dysregulation builds in the body, generates an imbalance of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), and the resulting metabolic confusion fosters every conceivable condition, syndrome, malady or disease that is growing steadily in North America, as well as the Planet.  


He has devised a unique blood test to reveal these mineral dynamics, and regularly trains practitioners to use this diagnostic tool in their practices. He has now performed over 5,500 consultations with clients in 45 countries around the world, and has trained scores of professionals in these unique mineral dynamics & concepts through his Copernican Institute. 


He speaks regularly at Wellness Conferences in New York, NY, Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA and was a speaker at The Forum for Integrative Medicine this March, 2019 in Seattle, WA. He is also a regular guest on dozens of different health-oriented Podcasts and Radio Shows. For additional information on his approach, please go to his website:  which has a wide spectrum of information on his philosophy, the RCP protocol, as well as 80+ Posts on Iron Toxicity compiled from his daily research over the past decade.






Episode Transcript

Click the link below to read the transcript from today’s episode:



All the best,

Dr. Tim Jackson

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