Is the Keto Diet Misunderstood? A Conversation with Maria Emmerich

Is the Keto Diet Misunderstood? A Conversation with Maria Emmerich

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In this episode of the Boss Body Podcast, Dr. Tim Jackson interviews Maria Emmerich, author of over 20 books on nutrition and the keto diet, about her experience with the keto diet and her journey as an author. They discuss the basics of the keto diet, misconceptions about the diet, and how it has evolved over time. They also touch on the topic of athletes and glycogen stores. Maria shares her personal experience with the diet, which began when she was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 16. They also discuss the difference between the keto and carnivore diets and building muscle on a keto diet.


Episode highlights:


  • Introduction to Maria Emmerich
    Dr. Tim Jackson introduces Maria Emmerich, the guest on the show, and mentions the popularity of the keto diet.

    Maria Emmerich’s journey as an author
    Maria Emmerich talks about her experience with PCOS, adoption, and how she started writing cookbooks.

    Evolution of the keto diet and misconceptions
    Maria Emmerich discusses how the keto diet has evolved over time and the misconceptions surrounding it, including the idea that it is a high-fat diet.

    Glycogen and Fat as Energy Sources
    Discusses the difference between glycogen and fat as energy sources, and how the body can be trained to switch to fat as a longer-lasting energy source.

    Protein and the Ketogenic Diet
    Explains how protein can enable the body to be ketogenic and still work well, and how the ketogenic diet can be helpful for Alzheimer’s.

    Microbiome and the Carnivore Diet
    Discusses the microbiome and how it shifts rapidly within a day of switching to a carnivore diet, and how it prioritizes what you’re eating when for digestion.

    Oxalates and Antinutrients
    Discussion on the harmful effects of oxalates and lectins, and the misconception about the need for antioxidants from fruits.

    Carnivore vs. Keto
    Explanation of the main differences between the carnivore and keto diets, and the different levels of the carnivore diet.

    Ketogenic Diet for Neurodegenerative Disorders
    Advice on how to modify the ketogenic diet for people with neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

    Building Muscle on Keto
    Maria Emmerich discusses how to build muscle on a keto diet, focusing on electrolytes and amino acids.

    Testing Ketones and Glucose
    Maria Emmerich recommends blood meters for testing ketones and glucose, and discusses the importance of testing for people with specific health goals.

    The Evolution of the Keto Diet
    Maria Emmerich talks about the popularity of the keto diet, misconceptions about it, and how it has evolved over time. She also discusses her work with a keto kids cookbook and the importance of empowering children to make healthy choices.


Connect with guest:

Maria Emmerich is a nutritionist who specializes in the ketogenic diet and exercise physiology. She struggled with her health and weight throughout childhood which led her to become such a passionate nutrition expert. Maria specializes in brain neurotransmitters and how food can increase mental wellness. Her expertise has sent her around the World speaking about ketogenic diets. She has also cooked with Halle Berry and writes for Halle’s website.



Episode Transcript

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