How Your Sleep and Hormones are Impacting Your Boss Body with Dr. Farah Sultan, M.D.

Sleep and Hormones are Impacting Your Boss Body

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Dr. Tim is joined by Dr. Farah Sultan, M.D. to discuss the importance of sleep for overall health and longevity. Specifically, they discuss the role that sleep plays in hormonal balance. Dr. Farah talks about her signature Mandala Method, which she uses to help women sleep better and balance their hormones.What role do EMFs and toxins play in poor sleep? How can these be fixed? What methods does Dr. Farah use to replace addictive prescription medications? If you are struggling with junk sleep, don’t miss this episode!


Some highlights from this episode:

  • What are the most common causes of insomnia?
  • Specifically, what issues impact women the most?
  • What is The Mandala Method?
  • What supplements does Dr. Farah use to help her patients sleep better?
  • What role do chronic infections play in poor sleep?


Connect with guest:

Dr. Farah Sultan is Medical Doctor, board certified in Family Medicine and Functional and Regenerative Medicine. She has trained and worked in 3 continents in India, UK and the US. She is the Founder of Vitalogy Wellness and Med-spa and the creator of the Mandala Method. She is an international award-winning speaker and expert in sleep and hormone balance and has helped thousands of women regain their sleep, energy and youthfulness without the use of addictive prescription medications. She lives with her husband and three children in Birmingham, Alabama and loves to travel, read, garden, cook and to bio-hack her health and fitness.



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Episode Transcript

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