How to Save Your Marriage and Optimize Your Relationships with Katy and Josh Whalen

How to Save Your Marriage and Optimize Your Relationships with Katy and Josh Whalen

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Katy and Josh Whalen, Founders of Joi Wellness and Blokes Men’s Health, join Dr. Tim to discuss how they saved their marriage with hormone replacement therapy and peptides. They cover the importance of both partners in a relationship, and even the entire family, needing to be optimized to balance mood, be more present, have improved energy, and a better libido. Josh and Katy cover why we need to test in even the healthiest of individuals to uncover imbalances that may lead to something more serious. In addition, Dr. Tim asks Josh and Katy about the most popular peptides and how they and their providers use them with patients and clients. If you are struggling in your relationships, counseling is probably not the answer–this is where Hormones and Peptides come into play. 


Some highlights from this episode:

  • How Hormones and Peptides saved Josh and Katy’s marriage and why it may save your relationship as well.
  • How do hormonal imbalances impact our behavior and our interactions with others?
  • How can Peptides benefit one’s relationship as well?
  • And those nagging joint injuries and muscle pulls you’ve been living with–they can be healed!
  • What Peptides are the most popular and for what are they used?
  • Want to lose body fat and gain muscle?
  • How do Hormone Replacement Therapy and Peptides play a role?
  • Struggling with brain fog and cognitive issues? Peptides can help!   


Connect with guest:

My long journey through infertility, miscarriages, IVF, and finally giving birth to my little boy left me feeling fatigued, hormonal, overweight, and struggling with brain fog. I searched for a holistic solution that would help me to feel like “me” again, and that’s when I learned about hormone optimization and peptide therapies. The only problem? They were so hard to come by! After both me and my husband began to experience amazing results with both peptides and hormones, I knew we had to share them with women everywhere. Joi is a place where women can find answers, manage their health holistically, and truly start to feel like themselves again (looking better too is just an added bonus!). Because, you know what? We deserve to feel our best from the inside out.








Episode Transcript

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