How Can Women Over 30 Achieve Hormonal Balance and Optimal Health? With Dr. Francesca LeBlanc, D.C. D.N.M.

How Can Women Over 30 Achieve Hormonal Balance and Optimal Health? With Dr. Francesca LeBlanc, D.C. D.N.M.

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In this podcast episode, Dr. Francesca LeBlanc, a functional and integrative medicine doctor, shares her journey from a personal health crisis to her current practice. She discusses her transition from chiropractic care to functional medicine, focusing on women’s health, hormones, peptides, and circadian health. Dr. LeBlanc highlights the importance of addressing underlying health issues, the impact of EMFs, mold toxicity, and the significance of a diverse gut microbiome. She also emphasizes personalized, holistic care and sustainable health practices, particularly for women over 30, and shares insights on hormone balance, detoxification, and the interconnectedness of various health factors.


Episode highlights:

  • Dr. Francesca LeBlanc’s journey from personal health crisis to functional medicine
  • Focus on women’s health, hormones, peptides, and circadian health
  • Impact of EMFs, mold toxicity, and circadian health on overall well-being
  • Shift to virtual coaching and focus on women over 30, particularly those approaching menopause
  • Practical steps to mitigate EMF exposure
  • Relationship between heavy metal toxicity, mold exposure, and EMFs
  • Importance of maintaining a healthy gut ecosystem and diverse gut microbiome
  • Impact of EMFs on hormones, insulin resistance, and fertility
  • Role of exercise in women’s health, particularly in relation to menstrual cycles and menopause
  • Significance of sustainable health practices and holistic approach to weight management
  • Importance of addressing detox pathways for effective weight loss and overall health
  • Impact of hormones, including insulin resistance and estrogen dominance, on women’s health
  • Importance of personalized, holistic care for women’s health
  • Significance of magnesium as a cofactor in numerous biochemical processes



Connect with guest:


After decades of poor health Dr. Francesca LeBlanc embarked on a wellness journey that eventually led to a career change from corporate sales to holistic healthcare.  Ever the guinea pig for hormone optimization, Dr. LeBlanc’s protocol is fine-tuned by trial and error in her own hormone health.  For the last decade she’s helped thousands of women get clear headed, lose weight, sleep well, ditch dieting and have tons of energy inside her program.  Dr. LeBlanc is triple board certified in chiropractic (DC), natural medicine (DNM) and nutrition (CNS).


 IG, FB, YT, TT: @drfrancescaleblanc




Episode Transcript

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