Gratitude: More Than Just a List of Things to Be Thankful with Holly Bertone

Gratitude: More Than Just a List of Things to Be Thankful with Holly Bertone

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In this episode of the Boss Body Podcast, Dr. Tim Jackson interviews Holly Bertone, a successful author, speaker, and coach who has overcome breast cancer and an autoimmune diagnosis. They discuss the importance of incorporating a holistic approach to healing, including the emotional component and the role of gratitude in building mental strength, grit, and resilience. Holly’s work as a transformational mindset coach is focused on helping women going through health challenges. They also talk about the power of reframing challenges into a superpower and how it can transform one’s life. Overall, the episode highlights the importance of taking control of one’s health and mindset to overcome challenges and achieve success. 


Some highlights from this episode:

  • Holly shares her journey from a high-stress management position to being diagnosed with breast cancer and autoimmune disease.
  • Reframing challenges–Holly talks about how she reframed her challenges into a superpower and the power of gratitude in building mental strength, grit, and resilience.
  • The Biggest Misconception Regarding Gratitude–Holly Bertone explains the biggest misconception about gratitude and why most people get it wrong. She talks about how gratitude is more than just making a list of things to be grateful for.
  • How Gratitude Helps to Build Mental Resilience–Holly discusses how gratitude helps to build mental resilience and shares studies that show how gratitude can increase happiness and mental strength.
  • Gratitude as a tool for clearing the sludge–Holly explains how gratitude can help clear the mental sludge that comes with a cancer diagnosis, and how it can help make better decisions for one’s care.
  • Starting a Gratitude Practice–Holly shares her approach to starting a gratitude practice and emphasizes the importance of meeting gratitude where you’re at. She suggests different ways to start the practice and how it can become a part of who you are.   

Connect with guest:

Holly Bertone is a #1 Amazon best selling author, host of the Gratitude Builds Fortitude Podcast, sought-after speaker, and gratitude and mindset coach.  Holly spent 25 years rising through the ranks of consulting and federal government service before a breast cancer and autoimmune diagnosis created an opportunity to shift her passion and purpose. These days, she is known as the transformational mindset coach who turns Grumpy Worriers into Grateful Warriors. Holly has been featured on over 200 TV and radio segments, articles, podcasts, summits, and on stage.



Gratitude Builds Fortitude Podcast: 


Episode Transcript

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