Cold Plunging and Breathwork: The Coolest Path to Wellness with Kristin Weitzel of Sherpa Breath and Cold

Cold Plunging and Breathwork: The Coolest Path to Wellness with Kristin Weitzel of Sherpa Breath and Cold

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In this podcast episode, Dr. Tim Jackson interviews Kristin Weitzel about her evolution from a marketing career to a wellness and biohacking expert, focusing on breathwork and cold plunging. Weitzel recounts her early interest in health, sparked by her time as a dancer, and her journey through various eating lifestyles. She describes her introduction to biohacking, her experiences with cold plunging during an immersive program with Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece, and her subsequent certification in coaching cold immersion practices. Kristin emphasizes the importance of safety, context, and individualized approaches in these practices. She also discusses the physiological and psychological benefits of cold exposure, the impact of hormonal cycles on training, and the structural issues affecting breathing and sleep. Additionally, she shares insights on sprint work, the varying effects of cold exposure on men and women, and the importance of balance in cold exposure duration. Kristin concludes by reflecting on the value of stillness and self-reflection in her personal growth and wellness journey.


Episode highlights:

  • Kristin Weitzel’s transition from marketing to biohacking and wellness
  • Early experiences with nutrition and interest in health and well-being
  • Introduction to biohacking and cold plunging
  • Training with Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece
  • Safety and expert supervision in cold plunging
  • Coaching and mentorship in cold immersion practices
  • Impact of cold immersion on physiological changes and hormonal cycles
  • Importance of breathwork and cold exposure in enhancing performance
  • Considerations for women’s hormonal cycles in training and nutrition
  • Discussion on sprint work, cold exposure, and hormone optimization



Connect with guest:

Kristin is a health and high performance maven, with expertise across a broad range of health topics. She is a biohacking proponent, certified fitness trainer, podcast host, breathwork guide, ice bath instructor, and nutritionist with a focus on guiding people to optimal health.

In addition to transforming the bodies and minds of her clients, Kristin has experience hosting and presenting to live groups as large as 2,500 people and enjoys crafting programming and topics unique and relevant to your audience. Her presentation style is welcoming and wildly engaging.

From Corporate Executive to Wellness Warrior During her 15 years as a brand strategist and global marketer for Fortune 500 brands, Kristin sought opportunities to work with some of the top minds and mentors across the wellness world. She applied these learnings to her own weight management, energy, and lifestyle challenges, and continues to research and share them with her audience. She ultimately left behind her successful corporate career to pursue her peak expression: Leading others to break out of their comfort zones and rise into optimal wellbeing.



Instagram: @biohacking.breath.cold 


Episode Transcript

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