Can Laser Therapy Increase Sports and Brain Performance and Even Help with Chronic Infections with Dr. Kirk Gair, D.C.

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Dr. Kirk Gair, D.C., joins Dr. Tim to discuss how to use lasers(LLLT) to help activate certain areas of the brain, modulate immune activity, and expedite healing in general. Kirk has used lasers since 2005 and now teaches other healthcare providers how to do the same. Kirk gives examples of powerful healing through his use of case studies. Learn how light can heal!


Some highlights from this episode:

      • What exactly do lasers do?
      • How do they differ from one another?
      • How do they differ from red light therapy?
      • What conditions can benefit from laser therapy?

Connect with guest:

Dr Gair uses a unique combination of Low Level, Non Thermal Lasers along with Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, and Functional Neurology. He has been trained in Func Med and Neuro by Dr Datis Kharrazian, and was actually the first person Dr K ever did a functional workup on back when they were classmates in 1996. He teaches other drs laser therapy internationally, and has done clinical research on lasers that has led to an FDA clearance and journal publications. His clients have included Super Bowl and World Series champions, world record holders, national champions, film stars, and everyday people.



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Episode Transcript

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