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Bio and Life Hacks with sean mccormick

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Master Performance Coach Sean McCormick joins Dr. Tim to discuss all things performance hacking. Sean works with professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and television stars. Dr. Tim and Sean focus on the importance of sleep, stress mitigation, EMFs, circadian rhythms, and much, much more. How does Sean “meet clients where they are”? If you want to improve your quality of life, your career, your relationships or any other area, give this episode a listen!   


Some highlights from this episode:

      • Why does Sean believe theories don’t equal personal transformation or change?
      • What are the Core Four Areas that Sean focuses on when working with clients?
      • If you’re looking to improve any area of your life, be sure to give this episode a listen!  


Connect with guest:

Sean McCormick is the host of the Optimal Performance Podcast and a certified life and performance coach with clients like NFL and MLS players, CEOs and Television stars. Sean is an expert in performance biohacking. Having tested, studied and applied hundreds of health and performance approaches for himself and his clients – Sean knows how to get the most from the least. More productive thinking, faster recovery techniques, sleep hacking, lifestyle hacking, habit and routine creation – Sean helps people improve rapidly, with the least amount of work. 





Episode Transcript

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