Best Peptide Therapies For Women's Health: Autoimmune, Aesthetics and Healthy Weight Loss with Dr. Amber Krogsrud

Dr. Amber Krosgrud

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Dr. Amber Krogsrud, N.D. joins the show to talk all things Peptides. She discusses the best peptides for women’s health–from health optimization to treating certain conditions. Guys, think of the women in your life. Surely, someone in your circle could benefit from this information.Want more focus, better cognition and optimal sleep? Then don’t miss this episode!


Some highlights from today’s episode:

    • What are Peptides?
    • What are some Peptides that help immune function and auto-immunity?
    • What Peptides improve hair growth? Or skin health?
    • Why balancing blood sugar is important for controlling inflammation.


Connect with Guest:

Dr. Amber is a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor with EverwellMD in Newport Beach. She is trained in regenerative medicine, detoxification protocols, hormone testing and treatment, bio-identical hormone therapy, peptide therapy and IV nutrient therapy. She also has a mostly telemedicine private practice where she specializes in bio-identical hormones and peptide therapy. Dr. Amber is a member of the International Peptide Society (IPS) and has completed peptide therapy certification training through the American Academy of Anti-aging (A4M).






Episode Transcript

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Dr. Tim Jackson