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I have known Dr. Tim Jackson for over 6 years. After having him write for my website and interviewing him on my podcast, I realized that he is a go-to thought leader in functional medicine. The topics that he covers aren’t old news that you’ve heard multiple times. If you’re a CEO, athlete, or a biohacker—anyone who wants to perform better—let Dr. Tim save you years of trial-and-error and learning by correcting any biochemical abnormalities and improving your energy. He gets my highest recommendation.

Ben Greenfield,

#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author,

World-Renowned  Biohacker

I have known Dr Tim Jackson for many years. He is one of the true functional medicine experts who has mastered the physical, metabolic, biochemical and psycho-social nuances of exceptional patient care.  While no longer practicing traditional physical therapy, his expertise in biochemistry, anatomy and physiology provides some of the best clinical outcomes I have ever seen. 

Besides being an excellent teacher, Dr Tim is a curious and eager  student, with a lifelong quest for new knowledge to continuously improve the care he provides to his patients.  He brings a profound curiosity for a greater depth of comprehension, and is kind, personable and witty.  Those who seek his care will be in excellent hands.


Ellie Campbell, DO, MS, DABFM, ABOIM, AFMCP

To Whom it May Concern: 

Please let this letter serve as confirmation that Dr . Tim Jackson, DPT works with us here at Prestige Regenerative Medicine in Redding, CA as a consultant. H e is independently employed, but I frequently refer patients who require complicated functional medicine workups to him as that is beyond my expertise. His services with regard to finding a correct diagnosis and getting patients started on the right combination of supplements, peptides, and lifestyle changes are invaluable. Please contact me at my office number (below) or email if you have any further questions.


Rob Hamilton, MD, ABAARM Prestige Regenerative Medicine 85 Hartnell Ave. #100 Redding, CA. 96002 (530)262-6001 



Dr. Jackson has been extremely supportive and has provided me with some unique strategies on how to improve myself after a toxic mold infection that I just didn’t get anywhere else…”

Mike Dillard, Successful Entrepreneur and Multi-Millionaire

“As a health author, I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of dollars towards improving my own health. Embarrassingly, I was never fix some of the persistent health issues I’ve been experiencing like low adrenals and lifelong acne.


This year I decided to stop self-navigating the sea of supplements, ‘biohacks’ and tests available to me, and work with a mentor who could help me finally get to the root cause of my issues. Never again would I spin my wheels and lose so much time and money in the process.


It’s only been a few months, but I already feel like deciding to work with Dr. Tim was an amazing decision. His functional medicine knowledge is extremely thorough and I now feel like I have a clear direction towards optimal health and longevity.


He has been over-delivering on all levels, has helped me understand what’s happening inside my body on a deeper level, and most importantly has helped me re-focus my time and money towards what really matters. I look forward to seeing where this will lead me in my personal and professional lives over the next few years.”


Nick “The EMF Guy” Pineault

Advocate for safe technologies & Author

I first heard of Dr. Tim on a Bulletproof pod cast in 2015.  At that time, my son had been experiencing seizures for over 2 years. Conventional doctors could not identify a cause for his seizures.  The solution that was proposed to us was brain surgery. We considered that to be an option of last resort; we decided to look for other alternatives.  


When I contacted Dr. Tim, I had already worked with a number of other alternative practitioners and no one seemed to have the knowledge to help my son.  Dr. Tim suggested a different perspective to the issue.  I contacted him primarily because of his ability to analyze test results.   


Dr. Tim’s first recommendation was focused on the relationship between the gut and its affect on the functions of the brain. Not knowing the current health of my son’s gut, we had a stool test done.  Dr. Tim spent over an hour reviewing the test results with me. He mentioned that he felt my son might have a cavitation based on some of the bacterial count information and recommended I contact a holistic dentist.  


A cavitation was identified in my son; after several months of treatment by a dentist my son’s seizures stopped. 


My son has been seizure free for over 3 years and he has no health issues.  


Thank you Dr. Tim! 


Tricia T

Toronto, Ontario

Whilst I am in pretty good health, I was keen to optimise my health nevertheless.  Dr. Tim’s encyclopaedic knowledge and his ability to translate this into actionable outcomes has been a real game-changer for me.  Dr. Tim targeted the right tests and got the data that was needed to precisely target my treatment.  A few months on and I feel really good.  Dr. Tim’s regular check-ins are a valuable additional part of his service. 
I can’t recommend Dr. Tim highly enough.  
Kevin G. (Finance Professional – UK)  
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