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If you are interested in having us promote one (or more) of your products or programs to our community, please check out our Affiliate Partners program and apply here.

Please keep in mind that we are very discerning about which products or programs we promote, and acceptance of your application or our agreement to take a look at your products or programs does not guarantee promotion.  That said, we looooooove it when we find the “win-win” relationships that really help those in our community to make the principles Dr. Jackson teaches ACTIONABLE and we love a great fit!

If you are interested in promoting Dr. Tim’s programs or products to your community, there are a few things that we think are pretty important for us to consider before we accept your application:

As an affiliate of, there are several ways we can collaborate to support your promotional efforts:

  1. Dr. Tim can write a guest blog post for you
  2. Dr. Tim can be a special guest on your podcast
  3. You can do a special promotion to your list (eg. by incorporating our product[s] into existing relationship funnels that you’ve created, promoting in your newsletter, or doing a one-off mailing to your list promoting our product[s])
  4. You can use the banner ads, social media updates / tweets, and-or promotional copy we’ve create to help you promote in your email marketing channel and-or social media channels.  (And we can collaborate with you to create some “new angles” if your list / customer base is large enough.)
  5. We can brainstorm some new ideas together!

Right now, we have one product listed in our affiliate program:

  1. Heal Your Body program – a 12-month program that includes 4 one-on-one biohacking sessions, plus 12 email questions over the course of a year.

Fill out the form below, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you aboard!

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